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    We are hosting a side event at EAHN2020 on 10 June and are asking for contributions. Please have a look and consider to participate – or share widely in your networks!

    Architecture, not Building: Actors at the Margins
    Coordinated by: Anne Hultzsch, Catalina Mejía Moreno

    What were to happen, if we began to research buildings, cities, and sites without thinking about how and by whom they were designed? By focusing on the visual and verbal reception and (re)appropriation of the built, this roundtable of the Building Word Image Group seeks to shed light on groups or individuals acting at and from ‘the margins’, excluded by a variety of norms from the architectural sphere. We thus propose a conceptual shift, from a disciplinary focus on the design process and on the designed object, to approaches that include explorations of word and image as a means of architectural production.
    More precisely, this roundtable invites participants to explore the ways in which practices of word and image, as opposed to practices of building, have enabled marginalised actors – defined by geography, gender, race, class, culture, society, etc. ¬– to contribute to architectural cultures. Taking a global and cross-period stance, we ask whether one can uncover unknown protagonists (singular or collective) within architecture who – through word and image, or visual and verbal practices – have shaped spatial and built environments in equal measure to those wielding the draftsperson’s or the critic’s pen? How did such marginal actors and practices establish themselves? Did they seek acknowledgement and recognition within architecture, or not? More generally, can we expand architectural history, and the understanding of how buildings, cities, and spaces have been produced and consumed, if we place such marginal practices on a par with the design of these sites? And what would be the consequences of placing the actors behind those practices on a par with the ‘architect’?
    We call for short provocations, stimulating the debate on how we can widen, even breach, the borders of architectural production through word and image. We invite object-based presentations of 10 minutes on actors and/or practices that are commonly considered marginal to the architectural field, from letter writing, painting, journalism (not criticism), or sculpture, to political pamphleteering, educational writing, printmaking, or household writing. Contributors will bring outputs of these practices (as originals or copies) and demonstrate how these accessed, extended, or reflected on architectural production at their given moment and place.

    Please send short proposals of max. 200 words plus one image / one quote to a.hultzsch@ucl.ac.uk and c.mejiamoreno@sheffield.ac.uk by 1 April 2020.


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