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Cameron McEwan

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Current Position / Independent Researcher



University of Central Lancashire






Research Interests & Experience

Cameron’s research focuses on the relationship between architecture, representation and subjectivity to engage the city as a critical project. Close-reading of architectural, political and philosophic texts, drawings, projects and theoretical design approaches are developed as critical methods toward a reflection on the urban imagination, the transformation of how we think about our relationship to the city and the world, and how we construct forms of living. Cameron is presently working on a book project entitled Analogical City.

Key publications

2018   “Linguistic Surface: The City is the Locus of the Multitude.” Lo Squaderno, No. 48: Surfaces and Materials, pp. 13-16.
2018   “Drawing the City – Writing the City: The Analogue as a Linguistic Form.” Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice, Volume 3, No. 1, pp. 29-45..
2018   “The Analogue as a Critical Project.” Journal of Architectural Education, Issue 72:1 Project, pp. 44-45.
2018   “Notes on the Crisis of Historical Consciousness and Formal Knowledge.” InVisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture, Issue 28: Contending with Crisis. 15 March 2018
2018   “The Analogical Surface: City, Drawing, Form, Thought.” Drawing On: Journal of Architecture Research by Design, No. 2: Surface and Installation, pp. 18-31.

Projects & Networks

A Trustee of the AE Foundation, an independent organisation for architecture and education.