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    EAHN 2020 Interest Group Meeting, Coordinated by: Gaia Caramellino, Filippo De Pieri

    Since the 1980s, responsibility for housing provision around the globe has largely been transferred from the state and public actors to the market and dwellers themselves. In the process, “architecture” as cultural product has become framed as distinct from “housing” as a socio-economic need, not only among the general public, but among policy makers, planners, architects, and historians. The workshop aims at recasting architecture as a crucial aspect of housing provision, investigating ways to overcome the conceptual divorce of architecture from social and economic narratives of housing. Toward this aim, workshop participants will critically analyze a set of terms used to discuss the architecture, economics, and politics of housing. The language we use—whether “model,” “unit,” or “housing” itself—embeds normative assumptions related to all three realms. Language frames not only how scholars and professionals evaluate the past and the present, but also how they envision the future. The workshop thus seeks to identify the origins, evolution, and contemporary use of key terms in order to develop a better understanding of how we might reframe the entanglements of design, politics, practices and economics in a historical perspective.

    Participants are asked to select a single term through which to present their research. Terms can deal with different scales and can address typologies, policies, methods, actors, practices. In the workshop, 5-minute statements will be followed by a discussion.

    Please send brief proposals (a term, a max. 200-word abstract and a brief CV) to gaia.caramellino@gmail.com by 15 March 2020.


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