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    Dear Urban Representations (formerly Urban Photography, Film and Video) interest groupies,

    We hope you all had a good entry into the New Year and wish you a happy 2018!

    It is time again to think about the biennial conference, which takes place in Tallinn this year. As you have noticed and some of you will remember from our group’s meeting in Dublin, our scope has grown and we are now welcoming scholars working on urban and architectural representations beyond photography, film and video and their temporal frame of the 19th through 21st centuries.

    The workshop we are proposing reflects that expanded focus and I hope inspires you to participate and spread the word. A significant modification to prior years is the workshop’s goal to be a true workshop, i.e. an event resembling a hands-on discussion forum more than an academic panel. We ask for short presentations of material that you choose to present for its relevance to the workshop’s topic and because you hope to generate ideas rather than for the fact that it is your specialty. We encourage experimentation and risk-taking and look forward to discussing new ideas that dare to cross disciplinary boundaries and foray into artistic and creative practice of urban representation.

    All the best from,
    Miriam, Anat, and Jeffrey

    Here is the call for proposals:
    Call for Proposals, Talinn 2018

    WORKSHOP Curated Urban Visions
    Most cities are richly varied, overlaid, constantly evolving and even chaotic assemblages of buildings and spaces that challenge portrayal in their full multivalence. Reduced in scale from their referent, representations distance, distill, edit, crop, and otherwise transform their subject. Whether in a single image, a series of them, a static model or a mobile sweep through space, these representations usually adopt a pointed filtering or focus that serves the intent of their creators. They become a form of curation of the city and its architecture embodied in a new artifact, usually with distinct purpose. Whether in a map, a series of drawings or prints, photographs or film, physical models or virtual surrogates, that new artifact reflects an intent that selects and often purposefully manipulates. It posits an edit-ed iteration of the city, one offered to anticipated audiences through varied forms of publi-cation and exhibition.

    These representations often tend toward either distillation or multiplicity; some under-score a focal theme through the portrayal of intently selected elements and aspects of a city, while others adopt a wider lens to create a more inclusive portrait that situates a pri-mary theme among many, or even professes none. Whether between two bookcovers, on the walls of an exhibition, or, increasingly, in digital forms, these efforts to represent cities beg a discussion of of medium and strategies of presentation as well as aesthetic criteria and cultural, political or ideological filters..

    This 2018 workshop in Tallinn aims to be a venue for such conversations. It invites at-tendees to offer ten-minute presentations that introduce and frame projects situated within the realm of historical urban representations, and to be active participants in dis-cussions of them. The presentations are deliberately to be kept shorter and less formal than conventional conference papers, leaving the bulk of the workshop for critical collabo-rative discussion. Ultimately, the workshop is meant to be part of a continuing forum where both creators and critics of projects can thoughtfully explore shifting issues of urban representation and develop a critical analytical vocabulary for their creation, evaluation and contextualization.

    Please submit a proposal of no more than 300 words describing the scope and core argu-ment of the project you wish to discuss by February 20th to the group’s leaders. Please also include a couple of illustrations.
    This project may be one you are currently working on or one that has triggered your inter-est and you would like to use the context of the workshop to explore further.

    Miriam Paeslack, Paeslack@buffalo.edu
    Anat Falbel, anatfalbel@uol.com.br
    Jeffrey Cohen, jcohen@brynmawr.edu


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