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    “Histories in Conflict”: Agenda of interest group meeting at Tallinn
    WEDNESDAY June 13, 13.30-16.00

    Alona Nitzan-Shiftan and Panayiota Pyla

    The third EAHN thematic conference (Jerusalem, 2017) approached the predicament of conflict through three primary prisms—citizenship, data and heritage. Each allowed us to examine the reciprocity of architectural histories with contingent bodies of knowledge—political science and geography; digital humanities and data management; and archeology, preservation and memory respectively. We also explored how the research of urban conflict can develop in the studio.

    In processing the key concepts of the conference, we have identified some mega categories that may help us further interrogate the precise character of the historian’s labor vis-à-vis other modalities of research. Our discussion at Talinn will therefore shift our investigation from a focus on the negotiation between different bodies of knowledge, to that of distinguishing between different modes of intellectual labor that investigate the predicament of conflict and share the motivation to work toward the public good.

    In order to distinguish between them, we will present a matrix that is based on the understanding of conflict as a disputed distribution of power in the public sphere, and considers the work toward a public good as a commitment to a set of values that respects human rights, and promotes just distribution of resources and inclusive access to public domains. In the upcoming meeting, we wish to examine how this shared ground motivates research through the overlapping academic, activist, and design oriented intellectual labor. What exactly distinguishes the labor of the architectural historian from that of the activist or the designer? What are the raw materials that are available, and are validated by, each mode of intellectual labor, and what are the constrains to which each are subjected?


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