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    Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

    After two and a half years, our article “Field Notes: Architecture and the Environment,” appeared in Architectural Histories this Monday. This article brings
    together positions by 15 scholars including Ross Exo Adams, Daniel A. Barber, Aleksandr Bierig, Kenny Cupers, Isabelle Doucet, Jennifer Ferng, Sabine von Fischer, Kim Förster, Maroš Krivý, Andres Kurg, Ayala Levin, Ginger Nolan, and Alla Vronskaya and was introduced by Torsten Lange (ETH Zurich) and Sophie Hochhaeusl. It is a product of the collaborative efforts of EAHN’s Architecture and Environment group.

    In putting together the essay, we have been excited to see new theoretical perspectives emerging from environmental concerns, as well as frameworks for rethinking architectural historiography and pedagogy. The essay can be read online and as pdf on the Architectural Histories website or by clicking below. 
    Hochhäusl, S, Lange, T, Adams, RE, Barber, D, Bierig, A, Cupers, K, Doucet, I, Ferng, J, Fischer, S, von, Förster, K, Kurg, A, Kriv., M, Levin, A, Nolan, G and Vronskaya, A. 2018. Architecture and the Environment. Architectural Histories, 6(1): 20, pp. 1–13.
    DOI:  http://doi.org/10.5334/ah.259

    In 2019, a few interest group events will be coming up as well, including conference sessions and panels by our members. Please join us at the Society of Architectural Historians in Providence for a conversation on Post-extractive Landscapes: Environments of Revitalization hosted by Maros Krivy, Jennifer Ferng, Lauren Jacobi, Aleksandr Bierig, and Sophie Hochhaeusl (EAHN Architecture and Environment Group). Please see Isabelle Doucet and Daniel Barber’s panel at the EAHN thematic conference in Sydney in the summer of 2019 sponsored by the Sydney Environmental Institute. We are also looking forward to the forthcoming publication by the Canadian Center for Architecture, resulting from Multidisciplinary Research Project Architecture and/for the Environment, edited by Kim Foerster. If you want to learn more about these activities or if you want to be more involved in the group in the next year, place email us.

    With this note, we also want to wish you a happy and restful break and we are looking forward to meeting, discussing, and spending some time together in 2019!


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