CFP: From Sacred City to Secular Town: Urban Dynamics and New Memories, Conference in Lisboa (4-6 November 2015)

International Conference, Lisboa (4-6 November 2015)   Call for Paper The extinction and secularization of religious houses resulting from the liberal revolutions of the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Europe and Latin America caused deep changes in the use of monastic buildings and in the surrounding urban...

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CFP: Thinking Architecture through Publication (Lisbon, 28-29 Sept. 2015)

The Site of Discourse Thinking architecture through publication Lisbon (Portugal), 28–29 September 2015 The Institute of Art History (FCSH/UNL, Lisbon), in partnership with the Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE, Lisbon), is developing the research project The Site of Discurse focused on editorial culture of architectural periodicals during the 20th century, which is...

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CFP: Between Architecture and Landscape Architecture (Cloud-Cuckoo-Land, 6 June 2015)

Between Architecture and Landscape Architecture Deadline: Jun 6, 2015 Wolkenkuckucksheim | Cloud-Cuckoo-Land Internationale Zeitschrift zur Theorie der Architektur International Journal of Architectural Theory Heft 34 “Zwischen Architektur und Landschaftsarchitektur” Auf den ersten Blick können Wohnhäuser, Parks, Museen, Brücken, Einkaufsstraßen, Plätze und Gärten mehr oder weniger klar als “Gebäude”...

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CFP: Architektur im Gebrauch (Darmstadt, 25-27 Nov 2015)

Darmstadt, 25. – 27.11.2015 Deadline: Jun 30, 2015   Eine Frau tritt aus der Bahnhofshalle und überquert den Bahnhofsvorplatz, um kurz darauf in die Straßenbahn zu steigen. Sie erreicht das Gebäude, in dem sie arbeitet, und geht direkt zur Sitzung in den Konferenzraum in der zweiten Etage. Später fährt sie mit...

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CFP: Journal “Remote: Designing with Outlying Societies”

Deadline: Aug 1, 2015   REMOTE: Designing with Outlying Societies prompts us to investigate the ethical and ideological assumptions of contemporary humanitarian architecture in the contexts of isolated peoples.   What does it mean to intervene? The question foregrounds a need to better understand the notion of geographic and...

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CFP The Grand Hotels as Powerhouses of Change, 1870 – 1930 (16-17 October 2015)

International Conference The Grand Hotels as Powerhouses of Change, 1870 – 1930: an investigation of Alpine and Subalpine areas from the lakes to the mountains Riva del Garda | Museum 16 – 17 October 2015   The territories that witnessed major developments in tourism around the turn of the...

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CFP: Dynasty and Dynasticism, 1400-1700 (Oxford, 16 – 18 March, 2016)

Abstract submissions are invited for a major international conference on “Dynasty and Dynasticism, 1400-1700” in Europe and beyond. Somerville College, University of Oxford March 16th -18th 2016 with: Professor János Bak (Central European University) Professor Craig Clunas (Oxford) Professor Jeroen Duindam (Leiden) Professor Paula Sutter Fichtner (CUNY /Brooklyn College)...

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