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Materia Arquitectura 26: Cartography and Resistance

Throughout the 26th issue of Materia Arquitectura, the editors are looking for the cartography of resistances that are
being built in the conflicts of the present, but also those that are still silenced in the archive, with the intention
of recognizing ‘bodies’ –human and non-human, subaltern and outside the norm, clandestine or oppressed,
with ignored or unrecognized identity– and ‘territories’ –borders, peripheries, refugee camps, ghettos,
colonies, slums, shantytowns, popular neighborhoods– traditionally excluded from architectural thought
because of their mundane and subversive conditions.

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Avant-Garde and War 

The organizers invite innovative and freshly-researched proposals for creative and critical presentations – in all areas of avant-garde and modernist practice across all of the arts – which frame and re-frame our thinking about avant-gardism/modernism and war.

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gta papers: Political Histories

This issue of gta papers is focused on the politics embedded in the writing of architectural history. Contributions to this volume might take the following forms: studies of individual or groups of writers, articles on the politics of a particular field, or studies in historical theory.

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