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INTERSTICES: Journal of Architecture & Related Arts (21)

Continuing its commitment to publishing works of emerging design research, Interstices: Journal of Architecture & Related Arts invite postgraduate or recently graduated researchers in architecture and related art and design fields to submit projects for the journal’s peer-reviewed, creative design research section.

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Ardeth Magazine 10: COMPETENCY

The magazine invites scholars to explore the spatial, social, political, and environmental dimensions of competency through historical exegeses, theoretical argumentations, case studies, and fieldwork.

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Architectural Theory Review (vol. 26, no. 2). Cosmopolitanism’s Others: Forgotten Histories of Transnational Architectural Practice

What is at stake here is not merely the inclusion of more actors and organizations, or to expand current narratives; rather, we are concerned with how the inclusion of these actors and organizations would lead us to understand the variegated forms of transnational architectural practice and differentiated politics of cosmopolitanism.

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