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Architectural Theory Review (vol. 26, no. 2). Cosmopolitanism’s Others: Forgotten Histories of Transnational Architectural Practice

What is at stake here is not merely the inclusion of more actors and organizations, or to expand current narratives; rather, we are concerned with how the inclusion of these actors and organizations would lead us to understand the variegated forms of transnational architectural practice and differentiated politics of cosmopolitanism.

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Assistant Professor of Global Modern and Contemporary Architecture

Boston University’s Department of History of Art & Architecture invites applications and nominations for a renewable four-year tenure-track position, beginning AY 2022–2023, as assistant professor of Global Modern and Contemporary Architecture, with a geographic focus in one or more regions of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia.

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Maintaining the Presence of the Prince: Management of Royal Geographies (XIVth-XIXth Centuries)

Following on the conference “Building the Presence of the Prince” held in Utrecht in November of 2019, this international symposium aims to reunite experts from different historiographical fields (History, Art History, Architectural History and Political Thought), with the objective of developing a comparative analysis on the way royal spaces were maintained from a transnational and diachronic (14th–19th century) perspective.

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