What is the EAHN?

Established in 2005, the European Architectural History Network supports research and education by providing a public forum for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge of the histories of architecture. Based in Europe, it is open to architectural historians and scholars in allied fields from all countries.

We have members from countries across the world who work in many different fields and disciplines. The Network is proud to represent a broad and multidisciplinary constituency with a diverse approach to the built environment within the arts, humanities and social sciences.

The EAHN’s exclusive aim is the promotion of international exchange and collaboration. The rapid growth and success of the Network is a clear indication of the demand for – and interest in – an international forum for multiple histories of architecture.

Mission Statement

The Network seeks to overcome limitations imposed by national boundaries and institutional conventions through pursuit of the following aims:


Increasing the visibility of the discipline among scholars and the public.


Promoting scholarly excellence and innovation.


Fostering inclusive, transnational, interdisciplinary, and multicultural approaches to the history of the built environment


Encouraging communication among the disciplines that study space.


Facilitating the open exchange of research results.


Providing a clearinghouse for information related to the discipline.

Main Activities


The online activities of the EAHN have been gradually transformed over the last years, with the main website providing the public face for the Network, supported by our social media presence on Twitter and Facebook.


In 2012, the EAHN launched Architectural Histories, an open access, blind peer reviewed journal.  For more information, go to the Journal’s page.


In 2010, the first international conference was held at Guimaraes in Portugal. Now an established biennial event, the Biennial Conference has been hosted in Brussels (2012), Turin (2014), Dublin (2016), Tallinn (2018), Edinburgh (online, 2021) and Madrid (2022). The 8th Biennial Conference will be held in Athens in 2024. In intermediate years, the EAHN co-hosts smaller thematic events in various locations.