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EAHN Sixth International Meeting, Edinburgh 10-13 June 2020

The Call for Sessions and Roundtables for EAHN2020 is now available. Please find all details here and on the conference website. The deadline for proposals is 31 December 2018.



Guest editors: Alona Nitzan-Shiftan and Nancy Stieber

Special Collection launched: 13 June 2018

This collection explores the inextricable ties between knowledge and geopolitics, asking what is the role that the idea, legacy and institutions of Europe play within the new distributions of global power, and how it currently affects the production of architectural knowledge. Authors were asked: first, to probe the relationship between the geopolitics of disciplinary organizations and the creation and dissemination of knowledge in our field; second, to locate ‘Europe’—the hitherto primary site of architectural historiography—within the shifting geographies of architectural narratives; and third, to question the position of ‘Europe’ in the geopolitics of academia.

Following an editorial that introduces the issues at stake, field notes present a roundtable discussion of 1) the historiography of European architectural history in the aftermath of the former Three Worlds and 2) the institutional perspective on the ‘European’ designation of the EAHN. Four position papers follow. The first questions the epistemological position underlying the roundtable, suggesting an alternative historiography. Thereafter, in the light of European identity, three authors present specific historical case studies in the East Bloc, Turkey, and South Africa respectively. Each of these papers challenges the assumption of a diminishing European power by invoking the ways in which the idea of Europe continues to live in people’s imagination.

Access the full collection of articles here.

EAHN Business Meeting, Zaragoza, 16-17 February 2019

The EAHN warmly invites to its next business meeting which will be hosted by the Universidad Zaragoza, Spain, from 16 to 17 February 2019. All members and non-members are welcome to join the EAHN Officers and Councillors to debate the future of the network. Please respond to office@eahn.org by 30 November should you plan to attend. See the preliminary programme here.
We look forward to seeing you in Zaragoza!

There are several EAHN Themed Conferences scheduled for 2019, please see our conference page for details.

Brussels 2019

Displacement and Domesticity since 1945. Refugees, migrants and expats making homes. Palace of the Academies, Brussels, Belgium, 28-29 March 2019

London 2019

Building-Object/Design-Architecture: Exploring Interconnections. A conference jointly organised with the Design History Society and the Architecture Space and Society Centre (Birkbeck), 6-8 June 2019.

Sydney 2019

Distance Looks Back: A Thematic Conference of the European Architectural History Network, held in conjunction with the 36thAnnual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand (SAHANZ), 10-13 July 2019

Call for proposals to host EAHN 2022, the 7th International Meeting of the European Architectural History Network


The European Architectural History Network is pleased to announce the call for proposals to host EAHN2022, its 7th International Meeting. EAHN Biennial Conferences are increasingly popular events attracting scholars from around the world and promoting international exchange and collaboration. They play a leading role in consolidating and fostering architectural history research in Europe and overseas. Since 2010, when the EAHN’s first international conference was held at Guimaraes in Portugal, the Biennial Conference has been hosted in Brussels (2012), Turin (2014), Dublin (2016) and Tallinn (2018). The 6th Biennial Conference will be held in Edinburgh in 2020.

Any scholarly recognized institution, with an appointed General Chair (a member of EAHN, local to the host institution) can apply to host a biennial EAHN International Meeting. We particularly invite institutions from regions and countries who have not so far hosted EAHN Meetings.

Please submit your proposal to office@eahn.org as a single PDF document by 1 February 2019 providing the following information:

  1. a preliminary Organising Committee, which must include the General Chair, to oversee the practicalities of hosting the conference
  2. the proposed venue(s)
  3. an outline of the attractions of the host city and potential local and/or regional tour programmes
  4. the architectural relevance of the institution and/or city and rationale why it would be a good choice to host an EAHN Biennial Conference
  5. a tentative list of keynote speakers, considering that out of the three to be selected, one should be a scholar of the hosting country and one should hold a profile for a sum up address
  6. evidence of financial capacity to sustain the conference and an indicative budget, including revenues from conference fees (the host institution holds responsibility for all financial requirements, either internally or with the support of sponsors; support from the EAHN is solely institutional and scholarly)
  7. suitable dates for the conference – four and a half consecutive days (Wednesday afternoon to Sunday) in the month of June

The EAHN will aim to make its decision at its business meeting in Zaragoza (16 February 2019). For further details and a full guide on hosting an EAHN Biennial Conference see here.


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