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Fifth International Meeting of the EAHN in Tallinn, 13-16 June 2018

The fifth pan-European meeting of the European Architectural History Network (EAHN) will be held in Tallinn, Estonia, from June 13–16, 2018. In accordance with its mission statement, the meeting aims to increase the visibility of the discipline; to foster transcultural, transnational and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the built environment; and to facilitate the exchange of research results in the field. It will be the first biennial meeting of EAHN in northeastern Europe, demonstrating the organisation’s aspiration to reach out to new contacts and new research themes in architectural history.

The conference will feature five thematic parallel sessions on all three days, ranging from panels on reinterpreting the rediscovery of antiquity in Renaissance to critical retakes on the UN Development programmes and a round table that asks a question about the usefulness of the term “Eastern Europe”. There will be three keynote presentations by leading architectural historians – Christine Stevenson from the Courtauld Institute, Krista Kodres from the Estonian Academy of Arts and Reinhold Martin from Columbia Univeristy.

The full programme and all information about the conference can be found on the conference website.


Special Collection – Architectural Historiography and Fourth Wave Feminism

Guest editors: Claire Jamieson, Torsten Lange, and Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno

Over the course of the last decade, there has been a resurgence in feminist thinking and activism. Utilizing new tools and strategies for communication, women from all over the world and from different social and cultural backgrounds continue to strive for equal rights in the face of discrimination, sexism, and misogyny. In 2013, Ealasaid Munro argued that these recent developments mark a ‘fourth wave’ of feminism, characterized by its commitment to a ‘diversity of purpose’ that recognises intersectionality as a key issue of our time, and questioning established sex/gender systems and gender identity as a binary category. Simultaneously, this new wave is strongly associated with digital technology as a platform for previously marginalised voices. The aim of this Special Collection is to explore the impact of fourth wave feminism on architectural historiography.

Feminist architectural historiography emerged in parallel with the second wave of feminism in the 1960s and 1970s. It was chiefly concerned with women’s contribution to the production of the built environment, seeking to uncover the biographies of the first generation of women architects during the early modernist period. In the 1990s, the focus of feminist architectural history shifted, drawing from the insights of third wave feminism and queer theory’s critique of binary and hetero-normative definitions of gender. These histories interrogated the multiple relationships between space and the construction (and reinforcement) of gendered identities. Apart from destabilizing fixed categories, these authors also worked to dismantle master narratives, giving attention to micro-histories, everyday spaces, as well as unknown and marginal figures. As a result, a growing body of work began to address, in addition to gender, other axes of oppression such as class, age, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion, among others.

The editors of this Special Collection seek to explore what distinguishes current and emerging research from the previous five decades of writing feminist architectural histories. What knowledge of fourth wave feminism are we engaging with? How have questions, approaches, theoretical and analytical frameworks, and methodologies related to feminism evolved over time? What distinctly new features and concerns can we identify today?

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