EAHN Annual Meetings

The European Architectural History Network has met yearly since 2006.

2006: Annual Meeting, Berlin, Germany

2007: Annual Meeting, Delft, Netherlands

2008: Annual Meeting, Leuven, Belgium

2009: Annual Meeting, Ankara, Turkey

2010: Annual Meeting, Bologna, Italy

2010: Special Annual Meeting, Guimaraes, Portugal

2011: Annual Meeting, London, UK

2012: Annual Meeting, Delft / Rotterdam, Netherlands

2012: Special Annual Meeting, Brussels, Belgium

2013: Annual Meeting, Bratislava, Slovakia

2014: Annual Meeting, Haifa, israel

2014: Special Annual Meeting, Turin, Italy

2015: Annual Meeting, Pamplona, Spain

2016: Annual Meeting, Paris, france

2017: Annual Meeting, Dortmund, Germany

2018: Annual Meeting, Warsaw, Poland

2018: Special Annual Meeting, Tallinn, Estonia

2019: Annual Meeting Zaragoza, Spain

2020: Annual Meeting, Aversa / Caserta, Italy

News from the field

SAH | Places Prize on Race and the Built Environment

Applications are now being accepted for the SAH | Places Prize on Race and the Built Environment. The prize is a unique collaboration between the Society of Architectural Historians and Places Journal. The successful applicant will propose an original work of public...

Holt/Smithson Foundation 2022 Research Fellowship

The Foundation is calling for applications to the 2022 Research Fellowships. This program encourages new research on the work, ideas, and creative legacies of Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson. The second Fellowship season focuses on two topics: Earthwork Ethics and...