Production Strategies in Architecture and its Sciences from 1750 to the Present Day

Zweiter Schweizerischer Kongress für Kunstgeschichte, 22 – 24 August 2013, University of Lausanne.
As part of the congress organised by the Swiss Association of Art Historians (VKKS/ASHHA) and by the University of Lausanne History of Art Department, a call for papers is launched for a Panel on Production Strategies in Architecture and its Sciences from 1750 to the Present Day.
Architecture and its sciences are characterised by a series of rational and aesthetic-creative features. These two facets provide a starting point for a discussion on how the domains of scientific and architectural practice have developed in parallel as well as through a process of mutual exchange.
The panel will focus on architecture-related scientific fields, such as the history of art and architecture, also including history, sociology, philosophy, philology and psychology, as well as natural and technical sciences, and will examine how they relate to and lead to exchanges with architectural practice.
The following topics can be considered for discussion: visual appropriation and the “artistic creation” of knowledge; composition processes in scientific and architectural production; visual and visualised thought processes; architectural metaphors in the sciences and scientific metaphors in architecture, as well as their effects on scientific and architectural production; analogies between architectural theory and design; the limits of definitions and their infringement: disciplinary relevance, boundaries and encroachments of architectural objects; the notion of authorship of a work; the production of formal references in architecture; the influence of scientific and technological knowledge on architectural practice; monument preservation between history, theory and architectural design.
Please submit your proposal of max. 1500 characters as well as a short curriculum vitae until 31 October 2012 to, with cc to and
You will be informed about the acceptance or the dismissal of your proposal at the latest in the end of December 2012.
Duration of the presentations: 20 minutes
Languages: French, German, Italian, English
Contribution: The VKKS offers a lump sum contribution of CHF 200.- for travel expenses from abroad.
Head of the panel:
Prof. Dr. Sonja Hildebrand
+41 (0)58 666 57 64
Prof. Dr. Roberta Grignolo
+41 (0)58 666 58 85
Prof. Dr. Daniela Mondini
+41 (0)58 666 57 03
Accademia di architettura
Università della Svizzera italiana
Villa Argentina
Largo Bernasconi 2
CH-6850 Mendrisio

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