The Baroque City: Planned, Built, Experienced and Represented

Call for Papers
The Fourteenth International Baroque Summer Course of the Werner Oechslin Library Foundation, Einsiedeln, Switzerland, will take place from Sunday, 23 June – Thursday, 27 June 2013, this year with the topic “The Baroque City: Planned, Built, Experienced and Represented.”
The baroque city!  Hardly any other subject is so directly and memorably linked with the concept of baroque as this one.  Everything that is manifested as art – intimately connected with life and society – takes place in the city, where everything from the everyday through to festivals and ceremonies seems integrated.  Who wouldn’t be excited to note the fascination – captured in engravings and images – that links the newly arising Piazza Navona with an ancient naumachia?  And who wouldn’t recognize that the modern palaces of Rome, as they were greedily copied and recorded even in the north, would have given the city its appropriate and admired attire, its “façade”; they are then realized in Vienna by Fischer von Erlach and Hildebrandt in a new version of a city – also thanks to Salomon Kleiner’s engravings of the urban image.
The variety of possible topics and approaches seems infinite.  Nonetheless, some are less well known, or overlooked, or have not been probed thoroughly enough, and hold surprises in store.
– from the introductory text by Werner Oechslin
Click here for further information (in German).
The course is open to doctoral candidates as well as junior and senior scholars who wish to address the topic with short papers (20 minutes) and through mutual conversation. As usual, the course has an interdisciplinary orientation.  We hope for enthusiastic participation from the disciplines of art and architectural history, but also from scholars of history, literature, theatre, sociology, and other relevant fields.   Papers may be presented in German, French, Italian or English; at least a passive knowledge of German is a requirement for participation.
Conditions: The Foundation assumes the hotel costs for course participants, as well as several group dinners and the excursion. Travel costs cannot be reimbursed.
Please send applications with brief abstracts and CVs by e-mail to
The CFP deadline is 5 December 2012.
Concept / Organization: Anja Buschow Oechslin, Axel C. Gampp, Werner Oechslin, Tristan Weddigen
Organizing institution:
Stiftung Bibliothek Werner Oechslin

Luegeten 11
CH-8840 Einsiedeln

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