Professor of Heritage & Design, Delft (Managerial Positions, Engineering)

Job description
The chair focuses on the architectonic design of heritage, with scientific research as the starting point. The programme, design concept and elaboration of the design evolve from an analysis of the original building and its context, taken from an architectonic, cultural-historical and technological angle. The chair prioritises the research questions for these aspects and is receptive to the research results. The expertise of the entire section is primarily focused on architectonic design as the ‘end product’. The chair Heritage & Design is fully in line with this focus. The profile for the chair holder is specific, namely that of an inspiring, practicing designer who can also stimulate the research activities of the chair.
The chair holder has an important role in raising the profile of the Heritage & Architecture section and is an advocate of heritage design. He/she has built a reputation in practice as a designer in the area of research and interventions in architectural heritage and brings along a large network, both national and international. The profile requires that the chair holder remains active in practice. The part-time commitment of the position (0,6 FTE) is intended to make this possible. The chair holder stimulates scientific design efforts, especially as an instrument for the analysis of interventions in heritage. He/she prioritises and stimulates the research within the chair and the section, and furthermore opens doors to external funding of the research.
The chair holder expands the subject of Heritage & Design, resulting in the promotion of the Heritage & Architecture section at a national and international university level. The chair holder contributes to the further development of the specific approach to heritage projects employed at the Heritage & Architecture section. The interactions within the Design – Cultural History – Technology triangle are essential to this.
The chair holder has a good perception of the developments in heritage projects in the Netherlands and internationally, as well as their implications for design practice. He/she incorporates these developments into education and research. In view of the 0,6 FTE allocated for the appointment, the emphasis is on prioritising and giving an impetus to research in the chair and section.
Specifications – (explanation)
Location: Delft
Function types: Managerial positions
Scientific fields: Engineering
Hours: 24.0 hours per week
Salary: maximum € 7285
Education: Doctorate
Job number: BK 2014/H04 (eng)
Translations: en
About employer: Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
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