Summer Conservation Field School

International Conservation Center – Città di Roma, Old Acre, Israel
June 22-July 23, 2015
This five-week immersive conservation field school encompasses the complete built heritage conservation process through hands-on experiential field work on the historic Ottoman period seaside fortifications.  Taught by veteran practical conservators of the Israel Antiquities Authority, the program focuses on on-site fieldwork from survey and planning through active interventions.
Who should attend?
The field school is open to participants who have completed at least their second year of university studies, in all educational backgrounds.  Little to no experience is necessary, but an interest in practical conservation and the preservation of built heritage is paramount!
What will I gain from the program?
An understanding of the complete conservation procedure through the implementation of a practical real-life project
Theory and application of built heritage conservation through direct interaction with the site
A real contribution to the conservation of a high profile, significant heritage site
Work experience alongside conservation specialists, archaeologists, and architects of the highest professional level within the framework of the Israel Antiquities Authority
Familiarity with built heritage and history of Israel and the Mediterranean region
How is the program structured?
The program will be structured as approximately 60% field work, 20% classroom theory and discussion, and 20% site visits and study tours.   Classroom elements will be held at the International Conservation Center – Città di Roma in Old Acre, and field work will take place at the nearby site.  Study tours will take place at heritage sites throughout the country including: Caesarea, Beit She’an, Avdat, and the Old City of Jerusalem.
How to Apply?
Visit our website: for more information and applications.

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