Symposium: "ARCHITECTURE AND PHOTOGRAPHY" (Zaragoza, 28 May 2015)

University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain, May 28, 2015
The research group “Photography and modern architecture in Spain” of the University of Zaragoza organizes the fifth annual Symposium “Architecture and Photography”, to be held on Thursday, May 28, 2015 in Zaragoza, Spain. In continuity with the former editions, the goal of the conference is to foster an academic debate and an interdisciplinary discussion on the issues involved on the relationship between architecture and photography, such as documentation and conservation, theory and criticism, and the professional and the artistic approaches.
12:00 Presentation: Iñaki Bergera (Conference Chair)
12:15 Juan Bordes (Professor and Collector, Madrid)
“Anonymous gazes on architecture”
13:15 Llàtzer Moix (Llàtzer Moix. Cultural Journalist, Barcelona)
“Other times, other images”
17:00 Duccio Malagamba (Architect and Professional Architectural Photographer, Barcelona)
“This is for me? The human presence in architectural photography”
18:00 Juan Rodríguez (Photographer and Artist, La Coruña)
19:15 Round Table and Closing Remarks
Sala Pilar Sinués. Edificio Paraninfo. Universidad de Zaragoza
Plaza Basilio Paraíso 4, Zaragoza, Spain
Research Project “Photography and modern Architecture in Spain”
Zaragoza Municipality
PHotoEspaña 2015
Vicerrectorado de Cultura y Política Social. Universidad de Zaragoza
REGISTRATION (free admission)

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