STIP: Fellowships Baroque Civilization and the notions of Historia (Torino, 15 July 2015)

Study Program on The Age and the Culture of Baroque (Torino, Italy)
Call for applications for three fellowships on the theme “Baroque Civilization and the notions of Historia”
The application deadline is 15 July 2015
The 2015 Notice of Competition and the online application forms are available on the Foundation’s website at
The Study Program on the Age and the Culture of Baroque is a strategic priority for the Foundation for a number of reasons: Turin was a cradle of Baroque creativity, as witnessed by its appearance. Devoting a program of advanced studies and research to this field also contributes to a deeper understanding of this major historical and cultural feature of the city. Over the past few years Turin has become a more attractive destination for cultural tourists from Italy and the world who perceive it as a “Baroque” town. As such it is important that Turin gains international recognition as a research center of excellence in this field. The study of Baroque as an international cultural system, that found in Piedmont an original expression, is an ambitious goal that rests on a solid tradition of historical and critical studies but requires continuity and new inputs. There is also a more eminently “generational” objective: the program aims to open up career opportunities for young researchers in humanities in a national context that provides very limited options.
The Study Program will be closely integrated with the other main activity of the Foundation, namely the management of the Historical Archives of Compagnia di San Paolo. Following in the footsteps of the international workshop “Rethinking Baroque” that was organised in Turin in March 2012, the Program will focus on “European history from a local perspective” to delve into the multifaceted aspects of the age of Baroque that, in spite of significant advancements, remains largely unknown and even uncertain as regards its definition and collocation in time.
In this sense the project aims to explore the literary, musical, theater, artistic, architectural, historical and political heritage of Baroque in the 17th and 18th centuries from a comparative and multidisciplinary national and international perspective. This activity will be carried out through the awarding of fellowship grants, the organization of seminars and conferences, the filing and cataloguing of research outcomes for the purpose of creating databases, archival sources, photographic and library documentation to be made available to scholars both on- and off-line.
Special emphasis will be placed on younger generations both as researchers and as beneficiaries of the expected results, for the purpose of opening up new career opportunities (e.g., Universities, Artistic and Cultural Institutions, Conservatories, and other cultural organizations) and contributing to providing advanced cultural education and training in partnership with the cultural institutions in charge.
This Program aims to put in place constructive relations with universities and cultural institutions and to create opportunities for collaboration, in line with the mission of each organization, so as to allow the Foundation to promote greater quality in research.
Fondazione 1563 per l’Arte e la Cultura
Registered office: Vittorio Emanuele II, 75 – 10128 Torino
Headquarters: Strada di San Vito Revigliasco, 65 – 10133 Torino
Tel. 011 6603573 —

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