Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz Max-Planck-Institut

Leonardo e gli altri | Leonardo in Dialogue

International Conference – 17 – 19 September 2015

Organized by Francesca Borgo, Rodolfo Maffeis and Alessandro Nova 

Leonardo e gli altri | Leonardo in Dialogue seeks to connect scholars across separate areas of specializations, strengthening the dialogue between leonardisti and the larger field of early modern art history. Much like the collaborative and contextual turn that has characterized recent research on Leonardo’s scientific and artistic achievements, this conference aims to analyze Leonardo alongside his close contemporaries, to bridge his oeuvre with the broader artistic culture of his time. Drawing from the expertise of specialists in the history of painting, prints, sculpture and architecture, both North and South of the Alps, this conference aims to probe the relevance of Leonardo as a compelling denominator in diverse fields of study and ranges of specialization.

Program: http://www.khi.fi.it/5204838/20150917_Leonardo.pdf


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