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This volume of ‘Creative Space’ is, thus, devoted to exploration of theoretical underpinnings, characteristics and application of various forms of architectural technology in creating innovative built forms, optimizing building performance and preventing building failures, all with consideration of of future resources and realities of tomorrow. Writings can include studies exploring the potential of traditional and new building materials and methods; structural technologies and structural optimisation; industrialised building systems; application of environmental control technologies to architecture; various technologies used in vernacular and traditional habitats; use of building technology for sustainable architectural design; building management technologies; building problem testing and diagnosis and, applications of new technologies and techniques for development of innovative designs for the next generation of buildings.
Chitkara University is a leading non-profit University of India. It has been established with the clear mission to pursue excellence in all fields of education and, to adhere to the highest standards of academic rigour in all its work. Chitkara University has been founded by and is run by hardcore academicians.
This journal is theme-based, with the upcoming issue being dedicated to the theme of ‘The Technology of Building’. The expertise used in the application of technology in the design process has always influenced the shaping of the human environment, whether or not through trained architects and engineers. The intrinsic relationship of technology and design of the built environment is manifest in all cultures throughout the history of civilization, with designs increasing in complexity with emergence of new technologies. While many of today’s problems are being met by parallel advances in architectural technology, public expectations, including rigorous standards of workmanship, construction, safety, efficiency and user satisfaction, have also intensified. The situation presents both a challenge and an opportunity for creation of a dynamic building industry and innovative design.
This is an invitation for submission of your research papers and other original technical writings suited to the theme selected for the abovementioned publication. Please visit to send your submissions. We look forward to receiving your research paper and its valuable contribution to investigation into this area of our built environment.
Prof. Kiran Joshi
Creative Space (CS)
Head, Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture
Chitkara School of Planning & Architecture,
Chitkara University, Punjab
Chandigarh-Patiala National Highway (NH-64)
Tehsil Rajpura – 140401
Mobile: +91-9814636529
Landline: +91-1762 507086; +91-172-2741000

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