Visiting Fellowships, School of Architecture (Brisbane – due 1 June 2016)

ATCH Visiting Fellows Program: 2017
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Application deadline: June 1, 2016
The ATCH (Architecture Theory Criticism History) Research Centre invites applications for the Visiting Fellows Program 2017. The program
welcomes applications from scholars with varying levels of experience who are carrying out critical research in architecture.
ATCH is located within the School of Architecture at The University of Queensland (UQ), in Brisbane, Australia. The Centre supports innovative
and interdisciplinary research on the history, theory and criticism of architecture. Architecture and its place within a larger history of
ideas is a strong focus within the Centre. Bringing together Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Fellows, Postgraduates and Academics
from UQ’s School of Architecture, the centre offers a stimulating and rich environment for enquiry and debate. An active program of seminars,
lectures, symposia, workshops and exhibitions is run throughout the year. For a full list of people and recent events please see ATCH
The Visiting Fellows Research Program supports short term residencies of one to three months for scholars to work on innovative research on
the history, theory and criticism of architecture. Projects that overlap with the work of existing ATCH scholars will be favoured. The
program welcomes applicants from all levels of academia but particularly encourages proposals from new and mid-career scholars.
Visiting Fellowships are not open to postgraduate students.
The Visiting Fellows Research Program will provide a return airfare to Brisbane and a workspace within the centre. All Fellows will have
access to UQ libraries, including the Fryer Library and Architecture and Music Library. Support for accommodation may also be available
depending on the applicant’s financial circumstances.
Visiting Fellows will be required to present their research in progress in a public lecture, participate in seminars and conferences organised
during their residency, and contribute to RHD events. Published outcomes of research undertaken during the Fellowship should
acknowledge ATCH and the UQ School of Architecture.
While ATCH Visiting Fellows are solicited through the application round, the Centre also directly invites Fellows to participate in the
Expressions of Interest should address the following items, in this order:
– Name and contact details
– Citizenship
– Employment Status. Will the applicant be on sabbatical during the   course of the Fellowship?
– Is the project supported by other sources of funding?
– Is financial assistance for accommodation requested, and if so, on   what grounds.
– Preferred dates and duration of Fellowship.
– Title of Research Project
– Research Proposal (1000 words)
– Relevance to ATCH Centre, and existing members’ work
– Relation of the project to the applicant’s past and future research
– Intended outcomes
– Names and contact details for three referees.
Additional documents required:
– Curriculum Vitae
– Two samples of published written work (journal articles, pieces of   criticism, book chapter, chapter from a submitted PHD thesis).
Applications should be submitted by email to: ( by June 1, 2016.
For additional information please contact Centre Manager, Dr Deborah
van der Plaat:
Applications close: June 1, 2016.

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