Visual Anthropology and the City (London, 14-15 October 2016)

Visual Anthropology and the City
Symposium at RAI and UCL, London
London, RAI and UCL, October 14 – 15, 2016
Registration deadline: Oct 9, 2016
‘Visual Anthropology and the City’ is a two-day-symposium at Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) and UCL Institute of Archaeology,
Heritage Studies, which brings together anthropologists, filmmakers and artists.  Urban anthropology has fascinated journalists, photographers
and policy makers with the emergence of the Chicago School since the 1920s.  Ethnography and long-term research facilitated deeper insights
into the everyday lives of urban neighborhoods that were often associated with violence, crime and housing problems. Cinema and
photography have also since their inception engaged with the urban, and their development is deeply entwined with that of the modern
metropolis. We are interested in visual research that looks at modernity, subcultures, non-western cities, regeneration, urban elites,
domestic space, social movements and urban architecture.  In this symposium we will discuss films, photography and writings on the
subject from both academic and practitioners’ perspectives. Please find the programme enclosed. Registration is essential as places are
Friday, 14th October 2016
Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI)
50 Fitzroy St, London W1T 5BT (next to French Theatre Bookshop)
Registration + Welcome
Session 1: London
Anthony Iles
Inventory: Flesh and Stone
Anna Viola Sborgi
“This was our home”: community and urban regeneration in moving image representations of East London
Haim Bresheeth
Convivencia in Turnpike Lane
Caterina Sartori  London Housing crisis on film
Coffee break
Session 2: Shifting Identities
David Kendall
Disappearing into Night
Ektoras Arkomanis
Work / Memories of Work
Lana Askari
Lost in Transition: A Visual Ethnography on Imagining Future, Planning and the State in Iraqi Kurdistan
Wine reception
Saturday, 15 October 2016
Institute of Archaeology, Heritage Studies,
31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY, Lecture Theatre G6LT
Session 3: Visual Representations of city life in art and film
Jessica O’Donnell
Francis Bacon and the Street
Ivan Chuviliaev
Anthropology and mythology: The image of St Petersburg in Soviet movies
Katarzyna Puzon
Visualising Beirut
Burcu Bakö
The cinematic representation of impact of neoliberal urban policies in
Session 4: Urban Regeneration
Ioanna Manoussaki-Adamopoulou and Liev Cherry
Mining Detroit
Angela Torresan
Fear and desire:  Filmed conversation of gentrification in a Rio de
Janeiro favela
Michael Dieminger
Centre of the centre
Coffee Break
Session 5: New methodologies
Susan Hansen and Danny Flynn
Longitudinal photo-documentation: recording urban dialogue
Camilla Morelli
Forest hunters to slum dwellers: the lives and futures of migrant indigenous youth in urban Amazonia
Emiliano Esposito
Outcasts from the past
Maria Salaru  The Block
Dr Barbara Knorpp (Anthropologist, UCL):
Caterina Sartori (RAI Film Officer):

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