6th Annual Conference of the All-Ireland Architecture Research Group (Waterford, 27-28 January 2017)

6th Annual Conference of the All-Ireland Architecture Research Group (AIARG)
Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, January 27 – 28, 2017
Deadline: Oct 24, 2016
The Architectural Research Group at Waterford Institute of Technology are delighted to host the sixth AIARG conference.
The aim of the conference is to highlight new areas of architectural research, encourage collaboration and facilitate dissemination of
findings. This conference also aims to encourage the participation of practicing architects who wish to further their research interests.
Proposals for conference papers are now sought. Papers must be submitted under the following thematic sessions:
– Architectural Education in the Age of Globalization: when East meets West.
– Centenary Celebration of William H. Whyte, Sage of the City (1917-1999).
– Concealed or Exposed? Ireland and Concrete.
– Critical Spatial Practice and Sensibility Formation.
– Design versus Conservation and the Value of Time. What is the meaning of place?
– Domesticity at the Crossroads: Irish Housing Design 1955-1980.
– Evaluating Landscapes.
– Interim Review- on Architectural Education 2.
– Intertidal Infrastructural.
– Reproduction: Architectural Education. Ideology and Capitalist Relations of Production.
– Streets on the ground: Rediscovering planned and unplanned city streets.
– The Minor Woods of Ireland.
– “There are 60 degrees, so why stick to one?” (Zaha Hadid, Feb 2003), Considering the complete life and legacy of Zaha Hadid.
– Transculturation. Merging and Converging of Architectural Idioms, Energies and Ideals.
Please forward your abstract by email (300 words maximum) to session chair by 24 October. The names of the session chairs can be found at:
https://aiarg2017conference.com/papers/. Full papers (2,000-2,500 words) expected in December. Please include with your abstract a 100
word biography and contact details.
For more information or queries visit www.aiarg2017conference.com or email: aiarg2017conference@gmail.com.

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