Call for Proposals to Host the EAHN 6th International Meeting in 2020

Call for Proposals to Host the EAHN 6th International Meeting in 2020
The European Architectural History Network (EAHN) is searching for candidates to organise its 6th International Meeting in June 2020. The Network supports research and education by providing a public forum for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge of the histories of architecture. Based in Europe, it is open to architectural historians and scholars in allied fields from all countries. (For more information see
Since 2010, EAHN has organized a major international conference every second year. The biennial conferences have proved extremely popular and have played a leading role in consolidating and promoting architectural history research in Europe and overseas. The past conferences (Guimarães (2010), Brussels (2012), Turin (2014) and Dublin 2016)) have drawn 200-300 participants, from up to 40 different countries. The 2018 Meeting will be held in Tallinn.
Any scholarly recognized institution can apply to host a biennial EAHN International Meeting. A proposal (max. 750 words) identifying your interests should include the following detailed information:

  • Name of the Conference Chair and institute or department within the institution that is carrying out the conference.
  • Exemplify the institution’s possibilities to organize this academic event. Mention experience, academic, administrative and logistic capacities and personnel.
  • The application should demonstrate the architectural relevance of the institution and/or city and explain why it would be a good choice to host an EAHN International Meeting.
  • The proposal must provide evidence of financial capacity to sustain the organisation and an indicative budget, including revenues from conference fees and potential sponsors.
  • The proposal should include a proposed venue, an outline of the architectural attractions of the host city and potential local and/or regional tour programmes.
  • Please give details of the closest airport(s) and train station(s), and whether budget airlines operate from your local airport(s).

Please do notice that:

  • The program of EAHN International Meetings usually consists out of 3.5 days of conference and 1 day of excursions, that conferences usually start on the Wednesday afternoon and end on the Sunday evening. Before the start of the conference a number of pre-conference workshops are usually organized.
  • Support from the EAHN is solely institutional and scholarly. The host institution holds responsibility for all financial requirements, either internally or with the support of sponsors.
  • Conference guidelines with more precise information on how to organize an EAHN conference can be downloaded at:

EAHN welcomes applications from across Europe (but convincing cases may be made for other venues). We encourage proposals from countries that have not hosted the International Meeting before.
The application should not exceed 750 words and be addressed to the EAHN Board and submitted no later than 31th January 2017 to

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