CfP: ABE Journal – Architecture Beyond Europe, 13, 2018: ‘Constructions of Tradition'

CfP: ABE Journal – Architecture Beyond Europe, 13, 2018: ‘Constructions of Tradition’

ABE Journal – Architecture Beyond Europe is accepting paper submissions for Issue 13, 2018: ‘Constructions of Tradition’, guest edited by Clara Ilham Álvarez Dopico and Bulle Tuil Leonetti, InVisu, Paris (France).
‪’Beginning in the second half of the nineteenth century, the historical neighborhoods of cities stretching from North Africa to Southeast Asia faced unprecedented levels of demolition to make way for large-scale urban renovation undertaken either by newly elected local reformers or by colonial powers eager to reinforce their authority. In keeping with the well-known dialectic between vandalism and protection, this period also witnessed the blossoming, among the intellectual and artistic classes in metropolitan areas and the colonies, of a taste for architectural orientalism.
In response, local committees, associations, and commissions of various types were created to study, document, and attempt to protect structures that were threatened or in danger of disappearing altogether. Their combat led these scholarly entities to define the identity of the heritage they were defending by placing it within larger cultural categories; in doing so, these groups contributed to the invention of tradition and promoted the orientalisation of local architecture.
This thematic dossier may include articles that take an interest in these organizations, the context in which they were created, their founder(s), their objectives, and their actions; submissions may also address the restorations or renovations realized in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that shed light on the disconnect between debates on patrimonial protection, on the one hand, and phenomena of appropriation and transformation of historical architecture, on the other hand. All non-European geographic areas, from the Mediterranean basin to Central and Southeast Asia, may be included.’
‪Deadline for submissions: 15 October 2017
‪Please send submissions to
‪For submission guidelines see
‪Founded in 2012, ABE Journal – Architecture Beyond Europe is a scholarly, double blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the study of 19th- and 20th-century architecture and urbanism outside of Europe. It focuses primarily on the transfers, adaptations and appropriations of forms, technologies, models and doctrines in colonial and postcolonial situations. Conceived as a place of exchange in an emerging and dynamic field of research, ABE Journal aims to provide a specialist scholarly forum for the discussion and dissemination of ideas relating to architecture in the colonial and postcolonial realms, as well as to local forms of modernism. It publishes articles and contents in five languages (French, English, Spanish, German and Italian) and is edited by the research centre InVisu (CNRS/INHA) in Paris.​

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