Conference: Disegno2018: Mastery and Uncertainty, The drawings of architecture. Tournai, 18-20 January 2018

Registration for “Disegno2018: Mastery and Uncertainty, The drawings of architecture” is open. Early registration before November 30 offers a significant reduction.

This international colloquium and exhibition will take place in Tournai, Belgium, 18-20 January 2018. It will bring together historians, theoreticians, and “drawers” from around the world to assess the past, present and future of drawing as a part of architecture.

Keynote speakers will include Franco Purini, Antoine Picon, Penelope Haralambidou, Daniel Estevez, Olivier Houdé, and Paola Viganò (TBC).

The exhibition will include drawings from Belgian, British and Italian collections, as well as a selection of submitted drawings by architects and artists from Europe, Asia, and North America.

The provisional programme of the conference can be accessed here.


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