CfP: Possible Worlds of Contemporary Aesthetics: Aesthetics Between History, Geography and Media. Belgrade: 22-26 June 2019

Call for Paper: Possible Worlds of Contemporary Aesthetics: Aesthetics Between History, Geography and Media. Belgrade: 22-26 June 2019

ICA 2019 Belgrade – 21 International Congress of Aesthetics

The University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, The Society for Aesthetics of Architecture and Visual Arts Serbia (DEAVUS) and International Association for Aesthetics (IAA) are pleased to announce the Call for papers for 21st International Congress of Aesthetics (ICA).
Aesthetics is nowadays recognized as an important philosophical, scientific and theoretical discipline in terms of interpreting the complexity of phenomena of the contemporary world. Today it’s rather talked about possible worlds or possible aesthetic regimes rather than of an unique and consistent philosophical, scientific or theoretical discipline. Confrontation of aesthetics with the complexities of the sensory, sentimental, affective, conceptual and discursive phenomena of contemporary world – society, culture, art, technology and politics – is revealed in relation to the history of aesthetics, geographically diverse aesthetic systems and, of course, hybrid technologies of media display, representation and communication of contemporary forms of life.
The Belgrade Congress – 21st ICA : BELGRADE – aims to map out contemporary aesthetics practices in a vivid dialogue of aestheticians, philosophers, art theorists, theorists of architecture, theorists of culture, media theorists, artists, media entrepreneurs, architects, cultural activists and researchers in the fields of humanities and social sciences. More precisely, the goal is to map possible worlds of contemporary aesthetics in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. The idea is to show, interpret and map the unity and diverseness in aesthetic’ thought, expression, research, and teachings on our shared planet. The goal of the conference is to promote dialogue concerning aesthetic in those parts of the world that have not been involved in the work of International Association for Aesthetics to this day. Global dialogue, understanding and cooperation are what the conference aims to achieve…
Abstract submission due: 1 November 2018 EXTENDED DEADLINE!
The full call for papers, with possible conference themes and relevant information, is available here.

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