CfP: in_bo Vol. 10, N. 15: Glauco Gresleri (1930-2016). Words, Projects, Connections

Call for Papers: in_bo Vol. 10, N. 15: Glauco Gresleri (1930-2016). Words, Projects, Connections

Editors: Luigi Bartolomei, Sofia Nannini, Marianna Gaetani

Pioneer of an international modernity, in a city that has always been on the edges of the architectural debate, Glauco Gresleri (1930-2016) played a pivotal role in placing Bologna on the map of Postwar Architecture, thanks to an intertwined net of connections with Italian colleagues — such as Giorgio Trebbi, Silvano Varnier and Giovanni Michelucci — and international masters, such as Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier and Kenzo Tange.
From his collaboration with Cardinal Lercaro, coordinating the Ufficio Nuove Chiese (New Churches Office) of the see of Bologna, Gresleri soon went beyond: if his sacred architecture became symbolic spaces for the Second Vatican Council, his civic projects derived from an out-of-time materiality and from a sacrality of symbols, able to include other historically marginal territories on those very maps of Modern Italian Architecture, the Italian North-East in particular.
Not only was Gresleri a skilled architect, but he was also editor of the journal “Chiesa e Quartiere” (1955-1968) and founder of “Parametro” (founded in 1970), and author of reflections on his own work (Costruire l’architettura, 1981), thus adding a new and important voice to the Italian architectural critique for more than forty years.
It is now necessary to open new research on the link between design and construction, workers, artistic and decorative details, but also between the void of architecture, gesture, body and meaning of what is built. This was the generative origin of Gresleri’s work, both among his civic and sacred architecture. As for the latter, his dynamic and phenomenological approach contributed to give a special value to liturgical spaces, such as: altar, ambon, baptistery and seat.
Therefore, this issue of “in_bo” has the aim to collect contributions on Gresleri as architect, author and editor, in order to understand this polyhedric figure and place his work within a national and international debate, towards which he drew closer, thanks to the journals and to his long career.
This call for papers will be followed by a travelling symposium, among the works of Gresleri in the province of Pordenone (Oratory of Santa Maria of Lourdes in Spilimbergo; Arba Townhall; Vajont Cemetery; Cemetery of Erto and Casso). The symposium is expected to take place in late May 2019. Authors of the best papers submitted to “in_bo” will be invited to present their research during the event.
Papers should be submitted using the online platform at Papers should be in English or Italian (with an abstract translated in both languages) and with a total length between 20’000 and 60’000 characters, spaces included.
Authors of accepted papers will be asked a fee of €60 for the layout and editing work (€30 for PhD candidates or young researchers).
Abstract Submission Deadline: 31 July 2018
More information and the full call for papers are available here.

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