JOB: Research Fellowship, Central European Modernism. University of Birmingham

JOB: Research Fellowship, Central European Modernism. University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to join the team for the project Continuity or Rupture? Art and Architecture in Central Europe, 1918-1939 (CRAACE). Funded by the European Research Council, the project will start on 1 September 2018 and last until 31 August 2023. The University is seeking applicants able to start on or as soon as possible after 1 September 2018.
The post is part of a research team including two other Research Fellows and the Primary Investigator, Professor Matthew Rampley.
The project is concerned with the legacy of the Habsburg Empire in the visual arts after 1918. Specifically, it asks: When new political elites and social structures emerge out of a historical rupture, how are art and architecture affected? Through comparative analysis of the visual arts in 3 states built on the ruins of the Habsburg Empire (Austria, Hungary and [former] Czechoslovakia), this project examines how such political discontinuity affected art and architecture between 1918 and 1939. The project is organised into 4 themes:

  1. Vernacular modernisms, nostalgia and the avant-garde
  2. Presenting the state: world fairs and exhibitionary cultures
  3. Piety, reaction and renewal
  4. Contested histories: monuments, memory and representations of the historical past

The project team will be based in the Department of Art History, Curating and Visual Studies.
The successful candidate will be an excellent researcher, holding a PhD or equivalent qualifications and with extensive research experience and scholarship within the required subject specialism, plus a track record of working in areas of linguistic and disciplinary complexity.
The language of the project is English, but in addition, candidates will have advanced knowledge of at least one of German, Hungarian, Czech / Slovak.
Application deadline: 23 July 2018
Those seeking further information regarding the project and the position should contact Matthew Rampley (
Further details are available here.

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