SEMINAR: Periodization in the history of art. Bucharest, 2019

Seminar: Periodization in the history of art. Bucharest, 2019

New Europe College-Institute for Advanced Study, a program supported by the Getty Foundation as part of its Connecting Art Histories initiative

The New Europe College-Institute for Advanced Study proposes a series of three seminars of one-week duration each on periodization and related issues in the history of art, whose addressees are to be early-career art historians from East-Central Europe, and which would include a number of invited guest speakers, from this region, and outside it. Though a sense that the conventional periodizations are in need of revision can be detected earlier, a more pointed reflection on this topic can be noticed after the demise of communism and the dismantling of the colonial system. In the aftermath of the 1989 events in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, a number of scholars felt the pressing need to reconsider the place of local art histories within the established narratives, and to reflect on how these local histories might fit within the Western canon, or to question its authority.
This series of seminars aims, on the one hand, to address questions that are of interest to art historians in the countries of East-Central Europe in ways that would counter a
piece-meal approach, mostly dictated by national borders, in favor of a more unified one, and would provide an opportunity to identify common concerns, and perhaps also case studies that could (or should) encourage cross-border collaboration.
The Program will consist of a series of three one-week seminars with the participation of up to 20 early career scholars from East-Central Europe, up to 4 keynote/guest speakers, the
Coordinator and the Consultants.
The seminars will be hosted by New Europe College-Institute for Advanced Study in Bucharest. The dates of the seminars are:

  • First seminar: mid-May 2019;
  • Second seminar: first half of November 2019;
  • Third seminar: last week of May 2020

The full description of the seminar series, with the programme and guest speakers is available here.

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