JOB: Doctoral Grant, Architectural and construction history. University of Antwerp

Job: Doctoral Grant, Architectural and construction history. University of Antwerp

The Faculty of Design Sciences is seeking to fill a full-time (100%) vacancy in the Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Urban Planning for a
Doctoral Grant by the University Research Fund (BOF) in the area of architectural and construction history.
The researcher studies the evolution of post-war construction sites in Antwerp in an international comparative perspective. By doing so, the project aims to shift away from the traditional architectural historical research and studies how different actors in the field collaborated (or not) and how besides designs, also words, hands and tools constructed our built environment. By doing so, the project not only answers the recurrent contemporary need to understand the evolution of our architectural practice, but also fills a gap in the current international debate within the field of construction history.
Job description, candidate’s profile and requirements, and information on how to apply are available here.
Application deadline: 11 August 2019.

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