JOB: Assistant Professor History of Architecture and Urban Planning (Tenure Track). TU Delft

Job: Assistant Professor History of Architecture and Urban Planning (Tenure Track). TU Delft

The Chair of History of Architecture and Urban Planning in the Department of Architecture is part of the section History and Complex Projects and holds a key role in the faculty-wide interdisciplinary Design & History research program.
The aim of this position is to complement and build upon the expertise of the current members of the team, notably in Dutch and European architectural and urban history, and to participate in (collective) research bids, funded projects and in writing academic publications. This will require close collaboration with scholars in the Department of Architecture and/or the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, as well as with experts in different domains outside the university.
The new faculty member should take a leading role in the development of a research project, and will work across national and continental borders, with acknowledgement of the importance of networks and flows of architecture and their impact on built and urban form. The quality of research will be competitive at the level of European research programmes.
The Assistant Professor will teach classes in the foundational courses in the bachelor (Dutch or English) on the long-term development of architectural and urban form (Grondslagen/Foundations I, II, III) and give focused lectures on specialized topics (in English) in the masters and in the PhD program according to his/her individual research interests.
The new faculty member will also be expected to supervise master students and PhD candidates and, (in due course) take on course coordination and course development or other administrative tasks.
Applicants must have a background in architectural and/or urban history, a PhD degree in an appropriate discipline, and an international profile with an active international network of scientific contacts, preferably based on experience as a postdoctoral researcher.
Some teaching experience is desirable, and commitment to research excellence, evidenced through academic publications, is essential. Good communication skills, as well as being a team player and a relationship builder, are important for success. Excellent written and spoken English is required. Knowledge of Dutch is welcome, but not required at the start of the position.
Application deadline: 1 December 2019
For more information, and a link to apply, please visit this webpage.

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