FELLOWSHIP: Residency: Bibliothek Andreas Zuest. Oberegg, St. Anton, November 2020

Fellowship: Residency: Bibliothek Andreas Zuest. St. Anton, April 2019
Twice a year the Bibliothek Andreas Züst conducts an open call for three studio residency stipends – which is taking place once again this spring.
Founded in 2016 and located at a majestic site on St. Anton in the Appenzell Alps, the Bibliothek Andreas Züst residency program offers an ideal atmosphere for working through a mixture of inspiration, retreat, and exchange. Effective immediately, applications for a residency in November 2020 will be accepted. Particular attention should be paid to the revised application deadlines: applications for a residency in November 2020 will be accepted up until 30 April 2020; and, for a residency in April 2021, up until 30 September 2020.
The open call is addressed to national and international cultural workers (individuals or teams of up to four persons) in all disciplines (visual arts, literature, new media, music, theatre, design, architecture, film, photography as well as applied arts and art-related sciences including art history). The duration of the residency is for the entire month. Accommodations are provided at the Alpenhof Panoramaherberge, where the Bibliothek has been housed since 2010. Depending on the Alpenhof’s bookings, the lodge can be bustling with activity or very quiet. The stay is set up on a self-organized basis.
The Bibliothek Andreas Züst encompasses approximately 10,400 books concerning topics in fields such as the weather, geology, glaciology, astronomy, science fiction, physics, literature, photography, art, kitsch, and popular culture. Desired projects for submittal to the open call are those that deal with the Bibliothek as a whole or one of its sub-sections. We are especially interested in how the main focus of individual artistic processes is put in relation to the cosmos of the Bibliothek. The stipend award includes a free-of-charge stay as well as travel expenses to the Alpenhof. A subsistence allowance of CHF 250/week may be additionally requested.
Apply now! Detailed information about the studio residency stipend and the application process can be found here.

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