JOB: Research Fellow in Architectural History. The University of Melbourne

Job: Research Fellow in Architectural History. The University of Melbourne

Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

The Research Fellow will have primary responsibility for research, publication and engagement on research projects focused on the history of architecture, led by Professor Julie Willis. In particular, this position’s primary focus will be on the Networks research project, that examines the work and careers of architects moving between colonies and concessions in Asia, Oceania and southern Africa in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Fellow may also engage on projects and activities within the Australian Centre for Architectural History, Urban and Cultural Heritage (ACAHUCH).
ACAHUCH is a research hub of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning and a University research centre, created to provide an international perspective in architectural history and heritage, with a particular emphasis on Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Working alongside industry, academic and government partners, it fosters a collaborative approach to the critical study of architectural history, heritage conservation and digital, cultural, landscape and urban heritage, history and design.
Research into the history of Australian architecture has long been an integral part of the Faculty, and its researchers, including Professor Willis, have led multiple, significant projects that have fostered and furthered knowledge on the Australian and Asian built environment. Professor Willis’s research focuses on the development of the architecture profession in Australia, over the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with special interests in civic, community and institutional architecture; women architects; the development of the architecture profession; and architecture and wartime.
The Research Fellow will make key contributions within Professor Willis’s research program, with focus on the Networks project, including undertaking primary research and fieldwork, the contribution and facilitation of research workshops, the development of database resources and contributions to the publication of research findings.
Application closes: 30 March 2020
For the full job description and for applying, please visit the University of Melbourne website.

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