Event, Symposium: Belgian and Dutch Embassy Buildings: Multi-Layered Projects of Representation. Brussels, 29 October 2020

The symposium sets out to approach Belgian and Dutch embassy buildings, especially purpose-built embassies, as multi-layered projects of representation. Besides meeting the bureaucratic and housing needs of diplomats, embassy buildings form national symbols on foreign soil. How do both Belgium and the Netherlands – two distinctive yet related countries – tackle the question of national representation in embassy buildings in the context of an ever globalising world? Through a series of thematic sessions, this symposium brings together different stakeholders engaged in embassy buildings. These include diplomats and officials of the Belgian and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, architects, artists, interior designers and academic researchers.

The full programme of the symposium is available here. Participation is free but the participants must register through the symposium website before 10 October 2020.


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