CfP: Renaissance conference. Paris, 10-12 March 2021

Call for Papers: Renaissance conference. Paris, 10-12 March 2021

Organised by the Art History departments of: Universidad de Jaén; Universität Leipzig; École Pratique des Hautes Études – PSL (HISTARA) in Paris and Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
This conference is part of a longstanding collaborative project, created in 2002, which consists in
regularly organizing a symposium aiming to assess the current status of the research on Renaissance
art and culture. Since 2002 the conferences have been held in turn in one of the four organizing institutions (Art History department of the University of Jaén, Leipzig, Würzburg and of the École Pratique des Hautes Études – PSL (HISTARA) in Paris. The next conference is to be held in Paris, 10-12 March 2021.
These conferences offer young scholars the occasion to explore and discuss their different research methods and lines of inquiry, and give a comprehensive view of the many different emerging research approaches to architectural history and to the analysis of the relations between architecture and the other visual arts in the Renaissance.
For this edition, the organizers invite submissions that explore the artistic and cultural exchange between France and Germany in the Early modern era (ca.1400-1600) in the European context (Italy, Eastern Europe, Low Countries, etc.). History of Collecting and Antiquities as active sources of inspiration are also themes that are encouraged. The organizers warmly welcome interdisciplinary approaches.
So as to leave space for discussion, proposals should be for 25-30 minute papers (preferably in French or German, but English, Italian and Spanish are accepted). The third day will include guided visits to various monuments and to an exhibition of architectural models.
The texts of the papers will be published on the webpage HISTARA 7347.
For the contributors: lodging will be provided, together with a reimbursement of 150 euros max to
cover travelling costs.  In view of the uncertainty due the COVID-19 pandemic the organizers may be obliged to postpone the event.
Proposal must include a title, a brief abstract of 2000 characters (250-300 words), a brief CV. Please submit the proposals by e-mail before the 15 September 2020 to one of these addresses:

This call for papers (in multiple languages) can also be downloaded here.

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