Call for Papers: Architecture and Endurance. Ankara, 30 September – 2 October 2021

EAHN Thematic Conference, organized by Middle East Technical University Department of Architecture 

This conference would like to critically explore “endurance” as an umbrella concept and analytical category vis-à-vis architecture. The conference organisers are interested in particular historical case studies of “endurance” from any historical, geographical and cultural contexts. Cases that blur the boundaries between what has been conventionally defined as “Europe,” and “European” identities with their “others” are especially welcome.

Contingent on the developments regarding Covid-19 pandemics, during the conference a tour of the university grounds, METU Archaeology Museum and Faculty of Architecture is planned to assess their accumulated spatial history. Due to its location in central Anatolia Ankara is close to many significant but less-visited historical and cultural sites such as the Neolithic settlement of Çatalhöyük, the Hittite capital Hattusa, the Phrygian capital Gordion, and the Seljuk capital Konya, to which tours are also planned on the last day of the conference.

Abstract submission deadline: 14 February 2021.

You can find the Call for Papers and detailed information about the conference at this link.


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