Event: Whose Renaissance? Re-Imagining the Early Modern World in the Age of White Supremacy. Online panel, 29 October 2020

The event will take place via Zoom at 5:30 – 6:30 pm Central Time Zone in the US and Canada

The idea of “the Renaissance” as a strictly European phenomenon is a myth—one that continues to shape popular western conceptions of race, nation, and cultural rebirth. This panel addresses white supremacist frameworks, both inside and outside the academy, that credit western Europe with virtually all early modern innovations. Spanning from the Vikings to the Spanish Caribbean, from the 9th century to Twitter wars of the present day, the talks situate the Renaissance, and the idea of early modernity in general, at the center of contemporary conversations about history and cultural patrimony. The focus is on innovative and speculative approaches that resist entrenched narratives of mastery.


  • Stephennie Mulder, Associate Professor of Art History, University of Texas at Austin
  • Nicholas R. Jones, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Bucknell Universit

Moderated by Katie Anania, Assistant Professor of Art History, UNL

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