Spanish National Meeting: Women and Architecture. Towards an egalitarian profession


The next 27th, 28th, and 29th of October will take place the 1st Spanish National Meeting ‘Women and Architecture. Towards an egalitarian profession’; a free virtual event that organizers invite you to join.

The FQ space of the Arquia Foundation brings together 81 professionals and researchers linked to architecture, 88% Spanish and 12% international —from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Ecuador, and Japan.

There will be 63 papers in a total of 15 parallel sessions in which five key themes will be discussed. They will reflect on the various historical asymmetries that have existed in the architectural profession. Current feminist practices led by women architects will be presented, as well as critical pedagogies that question the traditional and patriarchal way of educating new generations of architects. Several women architects will explain their experiences in transversal working that have led them to develop in disciplines related to education, music, and scenography, among others. And finally, there will be a debate on the image projected by women architects in the mass media and social networks.

In addition to these papers, there will be 6 invited lectures whose reflections are framed in the five key themes. On Wednesday 27th, in the conference “Entangled Histories: Approaches and practices“, professors Isabelle Doucet (Chalmers University, Sweden) and Helena Mattsson (KTH, Sweden) will reflect on different methodologies to build a more inclusive history of architecture. And, multidisciplinary artist Rosan Bosch (the Netherlands and Spain) will present how the design of educational spaces leads us to “Play by learning [and to] design for uncertainty“. On Thursday 28th, architect Izaskun Chinchilla (UCL, UK) will present her personal critique of dominant pedagogies in her lecture “Cosmowomen. Places and Constellations“. Afterward, the director of the Arquia Foundation, Sol Candela Alcover, will discuss transversal working and the “New opportunities” that social challenges offer us. On Friday 29th, the architect and cultural disseminator Nuria Moliner will approach “Architecture and the mass media” to reflect on the presence and role of women in cultural dissemination.

The Meeting will end with an open seminar led by architect and activist Itziar González Virós in which speakers and listeners of the event will participate to build together a final manifesto.

This event is the result of the MuWo Research Project, “Women in Spanish (post)modern architecture culture, 1965-2000“, coordinated by Dr. Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno, Associate Professor at the University of Zaragoza, and is co-funded by the Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities of the Ministry of Equality, the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Spanish Government, and the Arquia Foundation. In addition, the Congress has the support of the Higher Council of Associations of Architects of Spain (CSCAE), the Association of Women Researchers and Technologists (AMIT), the Association of Women Architects of Spain (AMAE), the Institute of Heritage and Humanities of the University of Zaragoza (IPH) and the Research Group in Architecture of the University of Zaragoza.

You can register for the meeting, check the program, and download the book of abstracts here.

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