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September 26, 2022

Les Cahiers 17: How Environmentalist Mobilizations Shape Buildings, Cities and Landscapes

Environmental awareness has grown steadily over the past decades, shaping public conduct and everyday practices at nearly all levels of society. At the same time, the timidity of institutional responses to the ecological crisis and the near-paralysis of political and legislative agendas have helped generate and fortify new forms of citizen mobilization dedicated to environmental action. The disciplines of architecture, urban planning, and landscape find themselves directly affected by these initiatives in so far as they relate to the habitability of our living environments and the transformation of civic and spatial terrains.

Papers may focus on the particular challenges and achievements of the present generation. For example, what effects have recent international strikes and marches for climate action generated among architecture, urban planning and landscape students? To what extent are schools and universities places of student environmental activism and engagement today? How do present-day design projects and theses in architecture, urban planning and landscape reflect the evolution of these dynamics over time? How are interests in environmental issues that are so lively on campuses internationally making their way to professional architectural, planning and landscape practices?

Accounts of experiences and case studies of projects, counter-projects, dynamics of resistance and struggles, and action-oriented research may form the basis of proposed contributions, as long as they are explicitly contextualized and put into a proper perspective. Shorter articles, profiles of specific actors, interviews or reference texts that have not yet been translated into French may also be included in the “research materials” section of the journal.

Proposals for articles (in French or English) should be sent before 26 September 2022 to the address

More information can be found in the full call for papers here.

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