June 16, 2022

The garden, its pavilions and aviaries

Organized by the College de France, the EPHE and the Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient

Organized around a targeted theme (the architectural device of the villa and its and its garden, the path and the landscape composition, the arts practiced in the garden practiced in the garden, the relationship between the garden and the house, the tradition and innovation in the art of gardens, the processes of between Europe and the Far East, textual description and description and engraving as an instrument of transfer, the meeting of imported of imported models and local traditions, the representation of gardens in and local traditions, the representation of gardens in painting), the study days aim at confronting practices and techniques at work in the gardens of Europe and Eastern Asia and East Asia because, in addition to a certain form of universality of the of the garden’s function (entertainment, pleasure, celebration), the art historian and the architect question, from one continent to another, the extraordinary the extraordinary diversity of the elements that constitute it, forms and devices that implement it and the representations that express its nature. representations that express its nature.

More information about the conference, which takes place in French, can be found here.

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