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December 1, 2022

Women as Builders, Designers and Critics of the Built Environment, 1200 – 1800

Editor: Shelley E. Roff, PhD

Routledge Publishing is supporting the development of an edited volume that will re-write the history of architecture, urban space and landscape before the modern age from an alternative, feminist point of view. Women as Builders, Designers and Critics will recover women’s agency within the built environment in the urban and rural setting from the perspective of distinct and often overlapping roles women have played as:
° Builders: manual labourers on constructions sites and in the building trades, building material suppliers, and managers of construction projects
° Designers: amateur designers of architecture, interiors and gardens, artists influencing design through their architectural imagery, patrons directly engaged with design
° Critics: writers, mentors, tutors and patrons influencing the form of the built environment

Chapter authors should situate the women they study within the context of their social class, time period and region. Within this context, authors may, if appropriate, choose to theorize about where these women fit within or challenge the canon of architectural history. The
geographic scope is open and projects from earlier periods and addressing alternative roles are welcome.

Please send an abstract of 500 words and a one-page CV by 1 December 2022 to Shelley E. Roff at
Authors will be notified of acceptance by December 10, 2022.
Full chapter submission will be expected by January 15, 2024.

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