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September 12, 2022

STOÀ Journal n. 6, Year III, Issue 1/3, Journey

The Journey, and the consequent experiential knowledge, has long been a crucial part of the education of several generations of architects. The journey constituted the culmination of the learning process: it allowed to encounter different realities, in search of specific aspects within the complexity of their contexts (geographical, anthropological, political, social, cultural…).

Travelling performs as a tool for understanding architecture and its physical and contextual dynamics. The fact that travels are still significantly present element within teaching briefs and programmes is still a clear indication of the necessity of its role.

Observing is a methodological act: travelling is a tool for learning to understand the world through a perceptive truth that can be transmitted by teaching how to observe, by stimulating the reading and interpretation of places and space through different techniques or exercises and a subjective reading inspired by one’s own vision of the world at a time when there is a trend to travel without any movement or to consider to travel as a mere matter of consumerism.

The aim of this call is to carry out a recognition of the extent to which the tool of the journey is structured within the pedagogical dynamics of teaching architectural design, and how traveling, understood in its widest sense, is still an indispensable learning tool for the training of the architectural student. In which way does traveling, for the teacher and for the student, determine links between people and places, capable of substantiating material and immaterial relationships to be re-proposed within the project studios?
The intention is to collect critical essays and reports capable of reflecting on the potential, organisational mechanisms and effects that the experience of travel has on teaching.

Abstracts in English or Italian (max. 2500 characters) should be submitted to:

Deadline: 12 September 2022

More information can be found in the full call here.

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