First Symposium on the Architecture of US Military Bases in Spain

September 26, 2022

The symposium will be held in-person on 26 September 2022 in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura y Edificación of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena.

This symposium is made possible thanks to the support of Spain’s Ministry of Defense and the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena.

Set against the backdrop of both the Cold War and the enduring nationalist totalitarian policies of the Franco regime, the physical presence of the US Navy and Air Force on the Iberian Peninsula in the form of military bases, airstrips, fuel pipelines, ports and personnel forever changed not only Spanish/American relations, but also deeply impacted Spain’s economy, infrastructure and culture.  However, while the sociopolitical, economic and cultural impact of this presence has been thoroughly investigated, the actual architecture of American military installations, and the impacts it may have had (for better and worse) on Spain’s architecture, infrastructure and landscape have not received the same level of attention.  The organizers hope that this one-day symposium will inaugurate further investigations into these topics.

José Vela Castillo, “Territorio, infraestructura y poder en el proyecto de las bases americanas en España”
Xose Prieto Souto, “Americanización y cultura popular en España: Hegemonía, transferencia y zonas de contacto en el contexto de las bases militares americanas en España”
Pilar Salazar Lozano, “Arquitectura americana militar: Un impulso en España en los 50”
Pedro García Martínez, “Geometría de la ciudad instantánea: El poder organizativo de la retícula en las bases militares americanas en España”
Ángel Alcaraz Bernal, “Housing On-Base: Las casas de los americanos en Cartagena, Alcoy y Figueras”
Brett Tippey, “Richard Neutra in Spain: Consumerism, Competition and US Air Force Housing”

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