LOEWE Research Cluster Architectures of Order: “Designed Orders”

November 3 2022-February 2 2023

Lecture Series Part II Winter Semester 2022/23, at 6pm
Goethe University Frankfurt, Campus Westend, HZ 8

In the 2022/23 winter semester, the “Designed Orders” series will ask, in a total of six evening lectures, how design structures the
interactions of various factors and what role the conditions, norms, and tools of design play.

CARSTEN RUHL, DENNIS POHL (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a.M.)
Mediated Orders: Material, Media, and Discourse in Architecture (EN)

STEFAN KÖGL (Siemens-AG, Berlin)
Siemensstadt Square – Die zehn Dimensionen der hybriden Stadt (GER)

ALLA VRONSKAYA (Universität Kassel)
The Talent-Meter: Space, Labor, and Architecture in Soviet Russia (EN)

ALBENA YANEVA (University of Manchester)
Disruptions: Architecture at the Time of Pandemic Upheavals (EN)

HÉLÈNE JANNIÈRE (Université Rennes 2 – Haute Bretagne)
Criteria and Instruments of Criticism: The Quest for an Architectural Specificity (EN)

Othering Displayed: Racialized Spacemaking of German Exhibitions (EN)

More information can be found here.

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