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November 20, 2022

LOEWE Research Cluster Architectures of Order Fellowship Program


The fellowship program aims to expand the thematic scope and expertise of the resident research group as well as its national and international net- works. It provides two fellows per year with the opportunity to spend a re- search stay of 1-3 months in Frankfurt am Main or Darmstadt, GER. Fellows are expected to work in Frankfurt or Darmstadt and to participate in the scientific life and events of the LOEWE research cluster “Architectures of Order”. The committee accepts applications from scholars at all career levels (applicants are required to hold a PhD). The work of the fellow should demonstrate connections with the goals of the project as well as its annual research theme.

The first position offered focuses on epistemological questions within architecture and urban history and design practice. It should strongly articulate the reflection to the Order | Disorder annual theme. The candidates are required to hold a PhD in the field of architecture and/or the humanities, including but not limited to architecture history, architecture theory, art history, cultural and media studies, history of science, history, and sociology and have solid experience in the area selected for the proposal.

The second position offered focuses on design practices within the annual theme. Three areas have been identified as possible fields for the proposal: Robotic Fabrication, Bio-Design, and Generative Design. Regardless of the selected area, the proposed work should result primarily in a design production (prototype(s), drawing(s), fabrication experiment(s), etc.). It should also articulate the production to the Order | Disorder annual theme: In what way can digital tools help interrogate the ordering methods at play in architectural design? The candidates are required to hold a PhD in architecture, engineering or in a related field and have solid experience in the area selected for the proposal, i.e. programming and/or robotic skills. A strong knowledge of computational practices in architecture is expected. Robotic fabrication means will be provided to the fellow if necessary in the form of an access to the DDU infrastructures at TU Darmstadt – please report to the DDU website for more information relating to available means.

LOEWE accepts applications from scholars of all career levels, and particularly welcome interest from early career researchers. Passive knowledge of German is desirable.

Please send your application including the following documents compiled in one PDF file by 20 November 2022 to Lena Holbein:

The proposal should briefly introduce the research project and address how it connects to the aims of the LOEWE project and the annual theme. It is also supposed to demonstrate the relevance of the project, locate it within current debates and specify your goals and plans for the fellowship.

Please provide a brief schedule that demonstrates how you plan to spend your time during the fellowship.

A CV of no more than 4 pages

Proof of the successful completion of the required academic qualifications

This can be an article or a chapter from a more comprehensive piece of writing of at least 10 and no more than 20 pages.

Please provide contact details for two referees.

More information can be found here.

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