2023 Renaissance Architecture and Theory Scholars Conference

March 24, 2023
Scotland and Online

The Co-Convenors of the Renaissance Architecture and Theory Scholars are pleased to announce the programme for the 2023 Renaissance Architecture and Theory Scholars Conference, happening on 24 March 2023 in Edinburgh and online. You can register to attend virtually or in person here.

Programme for Renaissance Architecture and Theory Scholars Conference, Edinburgh/Online, Friday, 24 March, 2023

Session 1 (10-11:30)*

Welcome by Richard Anderson, Head of School, Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Opening Remarks by RATS co-convenors Fabrizio NevolaCaspar Pearsonand Elizabeth J. Petcu

Joana Balsa de Pinho (Lisbon): All Saints royal hospital in Lisbon: tradition and modernity in Portuguese hospital architecture in the Renaissance

Anna McGee and Luca Brunke (Exeter)Visualisingdomestic interiors and experiencing paintings in the Palazzo Medici, c.1492

Konstantinos Gravanis (Athens): The Reception of Vitruvius’s De architectura in Renaissance Rome

Session 2 (12-13:30)

Angeliki Pollali (Athens): Text and Image: Architectural Vocabulary in Quattrocento Italy

Christiane Matt (York):​Between the Natural and the Divine: Filarete’s​Libro Architettonico​and the Origins of Architecture.

Răzvan Rusu (Utrecht): Daniele Barbaro’s La pratica della perspettiva: a painter’s guide to perspective?

Michele Guida Conte (Florence): Lorenzo da Bologna and late-15th Century architecture In Vicenza.

[lunch break 13:30-15:00]

Session 3 (15-16:30)

Jorge Campos (Lisbon)The Sixteenth Century Cloister of the Monastery of Chelas: Product of a Pre-Tridentine Reform

Diego Giovani Bonifácio (São Paulo):The​Guarani Jesuit temple of São Miguel​Arcanjo

Charles Robertson (London): Hawksmoor, the Radcliffe Camera and a rather long Renaissance

Will Bayliss (London): Towards an Explanation for the Problem of Mass and Volume in the Church Façades of Colonial Mexico, 1695-1768

*All times are listed in GMT

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