March 21, 2023

Swedish Receptions of Vitruvius from 16th to 21st Century

Talk by Johan Mårtelius, professor emeritus of History of Architecture, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

The event will be housed in Mediateca Montanari  in Fano and will be broadcasted live on the Centro Studi Vitruviani’s Youtube channel.

Johan Mårtelius, Architect and PhD, his interests in antiquity and the classical tradition have resulted in a number of publications on both the Mediterranean and the Nordic regions: the Swedish translation of Vitruvius (1989, 2nd edition 2009), essays regarding Vitruvius and the Vitruvian tradition published in English and Swedish, studies on the Swedish architects Nicodemus Tessin the Younger (1654-1728) and Carl Hårleman (1700-1753) and also on the Swedish classicist movement of the 1920s, often named Swedish Grace.

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