Paul Mellon Center for for Studies in British Art: Architecture Summer Series

May 17-June 14, 2023
United Kingdom and Online

A series of talks and discussions showcasing new research and approaches to thinking about buildings, cities, and landscapes in Britain and elsewhere.

17 May 2023
History Designing Architecture: Performance and Architecture in Africa & its Diaspora
Research Seminar – Adedoyin Teriba, Rixt Woudstra

24 May 2023
Thermal Governance: Air-conditioning Complexes and Climate Modulation in Urban Asia
Research Seminar – Jiat-Hwee Chang, Kim Förster

31 May 2023
Landscapes of Waste: Towards an Urban History of Coal Spoil in Modern Britain
Research Seminar – Moa Carlsson, Otto Saumarez Smith

7 June 2023
The Architecture of Disability
Research Seminar – David Gissen, Jos Boys

14 June 2023
The Small Spaces of Empire
Research Seminar – Swati Chattopadhyay, Tania Sengupta

More information can be found here.

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