Visions of Welfare

May 2-15, 2023
United Kingdom and Online

A three-day international conference discussing the role of women in the creation of the spaces of the post-war Welfare States co-hosted by the Women of the Welfare Landscape Project, the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain (SAHGB), and the Women in Danish Architecture project.

This hybrid conference will consider the role of women in creating the spaces of the period of post-war Welfare States internationally with the aim of looking beyond individual achievements and professional boundaries. The conference will build on and further complicate recent, more discursive historiographies that better represent the complexity of how and by whom a built environment is formed and emphasise the diversity of women’s practices.

Sessions will take place online on 2nd and 9th May and in-person and online in the Garden Museum in London on 15th May.

The full programme and registration can be found here.

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